On Ethics and Speciesism

Sentience Politics : Sentience Politics is an anti-speciesist political think-tank. We advocate a society in which the interests of all sentient beings will be given moral consideration, regardless of their species membership. 

The Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness : a prominent international group of cognitive neuroscientists, neuropharmacologists, neurophysiologists, neuroanatomists and computational neuroscientists gathered at The University of Cambridge to reassess the neurobiological substrates of conscious experience and related behaviors in human and non-human animals. 

Animal Ethics : Animal Ethics was formed to provide information and promote discussion and debate about issues in animal ethics, and to provide resources for animal advocates.

BBC - The ethics of speciesism : What is speciesism and other questions answered. 

Marc Bekkof PHD : Marc Bekoff is a former Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Colorad. He co-founded (together with Jane Goodall) amongst others the organization Ethologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals: Citizens for Responsible Animal Behavior Studies in 2000. His main areas of research include animal behavior, cognitive ethology (the study of animal minds), behavioral ecology, and compassionate conservation, and he has also published extensively on human-animal interactions and animal protection. 

On Carnism
Beyond Carnism : "At Beyond Carnism, we believe that meaningful social change requires a two-pronged strategic approach: weakening the oppressive system (carnism) and strengthening the system that challenges it (veganism). For this reason, all our programs are designed to either weaken carnism, strengthen veganism, or do both simultaneously."

On Specific Animals
A lion called Christian :  Love can transcend any bounds 
Fowl Faces : chickens in all their glory

On Activism
Coping : Do you feel helpless and hopeless in response to the extreme speciesism you witness all around you? Does it make you miserable? Are you giving in to cynicism even though you used to think that was “not you”? Are you inspired to hatred, even as it eats away at you?
Here is a free cognitive therapy tool designed to help you in your distress.

We Animals | Jo-Anne McArthur Drawn from thousands of photos taken over fifteen years, We Animals illustrates and investigates animals in the human environment: whether they're being used for food, fashion and entertainment, or research, or are being rescued to spend their remaining years in sanctuaries. McArthur provides valuable lessons about our treatment of animals, makes animal industries visible and accountable, and widens our circle of compassion to include all sentient beings.

Filming for Liberation : Filming for liberation is a collective project of audiovisual activism born inspired by the work of Joanne McArthur We Animals, offering quality images about the exploitation suffered by other animals and their rescues with the main objective to generate a debate in society.

Andrew Skoron documents life of animals who live along humans, their everyday reality, exploitation in the name of consumption, entertainment, rightfulness of life or death choice and instrumental and emotional connections. Free to use by animal protection organisations. 

On Animal Welfare issues
FareWellDock: is a three-year research project which is part of the Animal Health and Welfare (ANIHWA) ERA-net initiative. The ANIHWA ERA-Net aims to increase cooperation and coordination of national research programmes on the health and welfare of farm animals.

Animals are not freight: The 29th of August 2016 is the first global day of action to oppose to long distance live export. 

On Animal Health

On Biodiversity

The Photo Ark a groundbreaking effort to document species before they disappear—and to get people to care while there’s still time.