Our Other Work

Fowl Faces : There are more chickens than people on our planet. For most people chickens are seen as production animals for meat or eggs. Unfortunately, most of these chickens still spend their lives in cages or are packed together in barns without a ray of sunlight.  With the photo exhibition "Fowl Faces" we want to show happy faces of chickens, that lead a free and comfortable life in the open air. A way of life that every chicken deserves! 

Hidden Lives : This site tells you the stories of farm animals, saved from the horrific conditions of factory farming/slaughter, animals for rituals like bullfighting, show animals like killer whales. Through these stories you'll get a glimpse of the lives these animals are forced to live in their hidden world.  Only when you see an animal free and in its natural environment, you discover their physical and psychological needs and realise what factory farming really does to them.  

Nos Amis Les Animaux 85480 : The website of the association NALA 85480 created in  2010 in Bournezeau, Vendée (France) with the aim to sensibilise and inform the local population on animal welfare, to work on prevention and to help abandoned animals. 

Forests From Farms : Climate change is happening right now and it won't get any better unless we not only stop emitting greenhouse gases but also remove the excess that's already in the atmosphere and oceans. The purpose of Forests From Farms is to do both at once. Our objective is to buy cropland and leave it alone so that it reverts to nature.