BREAKING: Vegan Activist Politely Fact Slams Farmer On TV

British Farmer's Son Shocks Vegan World with this video

If there was ever a video to make you vegan, it would be this one..... 
The McCartney family launches short film ‘One Day a Week’ highlighting the environmental impact of animal agriculture and encourages people to help by eating less meat, with appearances by Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney, Woody Harrelson and Emma Stone.
What is ICCWC? ICCWC is the collaborative effort of five inter-governmental organizations working to bring coordinated support to the national wildlife law enforcement agencies and to the sub-regional and regional networks that, on a daily basis, act in defense of natural resources. 
Detectives Seize the Largest Cache of Fowl Used in Illegal Cockfighting in US History
Vegetarians Taste Test Meat
Live and Let Live is a feature documentary examining our relationship with animals, the history of veganism and the ethical, environmental and health reasons that move people to go vegan.
Sled Dogs uncovers the cold truth about man’s best friend and what the tourists don’t see in the dog sledding industry. 

Kids! Say NO WAY To ZOO DAY!!!
Most Inspiring Second-a-Day Video: The Year of Vegan
The Animal Holocaust depicted through Art.
Start making your own choices | Roos Vonk | TEDxMaastricht

The secrets of Food Marketing

South African model David Miller shows what ostriches endure before their skins hit the runway.

The Legend of Tarzan Partners with Stop Ivory to Save the Forest Elephants of Gabon from Extinction. Watch their clip. 

Dale Jamieson is Professor of Environmental Studies and Philosophy at New York University, and during his visit in Paris  for the Fondation de l’Ecologie Politique he gives his opinion, on the just recently published new videos by association L214, of the conditions inside slaughterhouses in France. Old equipment, mistreatment of animals, insufficient stunning. 

The Secret Reason We Eat MeatThis 17-minute animated video, narrated by Dr. Melanie Joy, provides startling yet little-known facts about the psychology of eating meat.