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France, 20 December 2019
We are not from another planet, we are from the future, part 2

How we experience being vegan in a meat eating world.... 

France, 17 December 2019
Happy holidays 

France, 1 November 2019
Happy Vegan Day
France, 6 October 2019
Cats and Boxes and Henrietta
A perfect day to prepare the cat terras for the winter 

France, 4 October World Animals Day 
Because all animals matter

France, 28 September 2019
Never a moments's peace.... but we love them really. 

France, 26 September 2018
Love is on the couch
Holland, 24 August 2019
Protest about the Oostvaardersplassen in Flevoland - Holland 

France, 17 July 2019 
Leg Problems for Kwak 
Kwak is one of our ducks that originally was bred for his . They escaped from their enclosure here in France (you can read their story by clicking on the button below) and were saved when still young. However these animals are not bred to live long. Kwak and his brother are now more than 3 years old and Kwak has now problems with his legs. We do the best we can to make his life pleasurable

France, 19 June 2019
Another stray needed our help. He was caught with a trap last night in a field where he has been living already for some time. This morning seen by a vet. Identified, sterilised, treated against worms and flees/ticks, tested negative, so the full monty. Either we release him or he will be adopted depending on his behavior. For the time being he is very scared of people. If you would like to help us helping these animals please have a look on the NALA site under the button below for more information.

25 May 2019
Phoebe: our new protégée

After coming back from our trip to Belgium we noticed a stray cat on our property. She was heavily pregnant and due to get her kittens very soon. So we trapped her, brought her to the vet to see whether she was chipped, which she wasn't as usual. She has been sterilised, identified, treated against worms and ticks and now we are looking for a permanent home for Phoebe. If you are interested to adopt Phoebe, please contact us at nala85480@hotmail.com. She is in a fosterhome right now and will stay there until she has recovered from her adventures of being abandoned. Phoebe is social and likes her cuddles. The conditions for adoption are published on the Nala site. Please click the button below to know more.
From 3 May until 10 May 2019
Vegan Tour de France Trip 9 to  Wallonie Belgium
France, 1 May 2019
Bees and other insects on our property ForestsFromFarms.org 

France, 26 April 2019
Europa, an ordinary laying hen ... with a very special life.
Or, is it really wise to adopt an ex-batteryhen?
France, 15 March 2019
Present at the Climate Strike in La Roche sur Yon, Vendée France

More on the facebook page of Forests from Farms 
France, 13 February 2019
National Action for Circuses without animals Nos Amis Les Animaux

A few days ago, an association called on all associations in France to take a picture in front of a government building with the request for a new law that bans all animals in circuses, because that still happens here in France. This is our contribution, which we have sent to them. A photo of 5 volunteers representing two associations of which one our own: Nala85480. We were not with many because we saw the call only 2 days ago. Some people had to work, others had other problems .... But we were there. This is the contribution of the Vendée.

France, 26 November 2018
Please Boycott the nature reserve called  #Oostvaardersplassen in National Park Nieuw Land, the #Netherlands

France, 25 November
Nigel Franks (initiater of this site) has run the Marathon in La Rochelle in France today. It is the second time he runs this marathon on plant power. Ⓥ It was very bad weather, raining, windy. But he finished it nevertheless and even in a shorter time than last year. Well done!

France, 16 November 2018
Pulse fishing: the Netherlands against the rest of Europe 
What is pulse fishing and why is it in the news right now and what is the Dutch role in this scandal?

France, 15 November 2018
Fun in trees for the Cats of #Nala85480 http://www.nosamislesanimaux.com/

France, 12 November 2018 
A nice encounter with a common but very goodlooking Kingfisher looking for his luck in our pond

France, 12 November 2018 
Letter to the European Commission about the slaughter of deer and horses in the #Oostvaardersplassen Flevoland Netherlands 
France, 11th of November 2018

Sunday in France: a day of war, a clash of cultures

It's Sunday morning around 9 o' clock. It's time to let the geese and the ducks out of their night enclosure. We keep them in at night because of predators. I open the door of the house.  I hear  howling dogs and screaming men in the distance. There is no doubt about it. Hunters with  their dogs chasing deer, boar, foxes, badgers, rabbits, birds, cats you name it, jeopardize  the countryside of France once more. 
France, 23 October 2018
#TheKillingFields of the Oostvaardersplassen continue: 1800 healthy deer to be culled in the coming months for their meat.... 
France, 10 September 2018

We launched this petition NO KILLING OF LARGE HERBIVORES IN THE OOSTVAARDERSPLASSEN in HOLLAND . Would you please sign it as well and share it to help us stop this massacre! Thank you! 

Why This petition? 

On the 26th of September (in 17 days) during the meeting of the committee of sustainability of the Province of Flevoland in all probability decisions will be made about the future fate of the Great Grazers (konik horses, heck cattle and red deer) in the Oostvaardersplassen.

These decisions will depend on a few studies on relocation and / or contraception, which are also discussed that day.

Now there seem to be two scenarios:
1 / the research results are in favor of the animals. The animals are relocated (especially horses and possibly the cattle) and contraception is used for future management.

2 / These  solutions would not at all or partly be not possible and the Province Government proposes to proceed to the culling of young and healthy animals.

We, the undersigned of this petition, are against THE KILLING OF  HEALTHY and YOUNG animals, whether they are horses, cattle or deer.

What do we ask?

1 / We ask the Provincial Government to not even consider and propose the killing of young and healthy animals. We also ask the Provincial Government  to take more time to look for other solutions and, moreover, to implement such solutions as eg rehoming over a longer period. If necessary if the living conditions of the animals require this, they should be fed in accordance with the Motion of 11 July 2018 "Do not exclude additional feeding".

2 / We ask the members of the political parties, if the Provincial Government determines to start the shooting, to vote against this option, and to try to persuade the Provincial Government that this option is unethical and also dangerous, that the unrest in the local population will flare up even more, and that this decision will damage the reputation of Flevoland as a tourist attraction for visitors from home and abroad.

France, 18 August 2018
Climate Change 

One reason to be anti-speciesist is because of the contribution that raising livestock has towards climate change. However if you mention it then, even today, you might find that you get a reply from someone who denies that climate change is happening. We wrote the folllowing article on how to deal with climate change deniers. 

France, 12 August 2018
A pair of badgers at #forestsfromfarms. You'll find more photos and films on our site  forestsfromfarms.org and on facebook 

France, 16 July 2018
A mum with her offspring  @ForestsfromFarms (http://forestsfromfarms.org) our  project to buy land from farmers that don't want to continue their profession, to combat climate change, to increase biodiversity and to protect wild life. These deer have permanently settled on the nature reserve of Forests from Farms. We see them daily live and on the camera's. 

France, 15 June 2018
Our letter to the European Commission  about the nature reserve Oostvaardersplassen in the Netherlands.

France, 15 June 2018
The Oostvaardersplassen - The Secret Shame of the Netherlands
We have been quite busy recently with the disasters that are happening in the nature reserve of the Oostvaardersplassen in the Netherlands. We have written several opinions for the authorities and documents on rewilding and ethics, the reserve as a tourist attraction, the reserve as a Natura 2000 area,  about compassionate conservation etc. We recently decided to visit the area. You can read the full report of our visit  "The Secret Shame of the Netherlands" on the page of Forests from Farms here

France, 13 April 2018
France, 19 March 2018
What happens when you fence in a so-called "nature reserve", introduce some herbivores and don't feed them? Animals die of starvation. Even a child could have predicted this.

The internationally famous "Re-wilding" project of the "Oostvaardersplassen" in the Netherlands has failed. 

France, 6 March 2018
On the 28th of April the association Forests From Farms organises a presentation and debate around the new book "My life in the wild with deer" written by Geoffroy Delorme 

France, 3 March 2018 
For #Worldwildlifeday a compilation of last weeks videos of the animals living on Forests from Farms. http://forestsfromfarms.org/  Enjoy! 

France, 25 February 2018
T-shirts to help the cats of Nala85480

Our protégés mainly strays and abandoned cats cost the association a lot of money. We pay high vet bills and buy special food to keep them in good form. So we are selling these t-shirts of which a part of the revenue goes to Nala85480 but they also spread the word: #GOVEGAN, we are not from another planet, we are from the future! They are available in different colors, different sizes and in french and English. There are other designs available. Please have a look on the site and make your choice!

France, 6 February 2018
Video of our petition "You don't attach your best friend" (On n'attache pas son meilleur ami)

Please also sign this petition. We are 20 250 at this moment. 

France, 1 February 2018
Letter to the European Commission about the French Wolf Plan 2018 - 2023

Today we sent a letter to European Commissioner for the environment, maritime affairs and fisheries, Mr Karmenu Vella and European Commissioner for agriculture and rural development, Mr Phil Hogan to express our concerns that the french is based on an incorrect interpretation of the report of scientists they mention in the plan and that it does not comply with the directive 92/43/EEC . You can read the letter here

France, 25 January 2018
5 Year Plan for the Preservation (or better Killing) of the Wolf in France 

Today we presented our opinion to the open consultation of the French plan on the Wolf for the coming 5 years 2018 - 2023. The plan arguments amongst others that a killing of 10% of the population of 400 wolves per year is necessary to prevent attacks on sheep. We are obviously against this plan. You can read all about it in french here  (there is an option to translate our opinion into english).
Photo Sam Parks
France, 12 January 2018
Forests from Farms - The best of 2017. For more information: http://forestsfromfarms.org/

France, 9 January 2018
The very first genet we see on our land, an old  farm we turned into a forest for wildlife.
See more on http://forestsfromfarms.org/

France, 4 January 2018
Anti-Vegan Propaganda

Doesn't it bother you too that scientific research is quite often misinterpreted by the press to make a point or better to make their point? We started a new page on this site in which we would like to address this problem. We called it Anti-Vegan Propaganda. To start with we cast a critical eye on two specific scientific researches that appeared in 2017 in the press: a research paper called "Vegetarian diets and depressive symptoms among men" published in July and another research paper that  looked at the carrying capacity of current agricultural land in the USA, that was published in the newspapers under the title "vegan diet not sustainable".  Click on the button to open the page.
France, First of January 2018
Time for a new year, time for a new page 
You can find our old blog entries of 2016 and 2017 here

Rests us just to wish you all a very Happy New Year 2018!